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ADATA Sync & Charge Lightning Cable

ADATA's Apple MFi-certified Sync & Charge Lightning Cable provides a hassle-free way to charge your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and sync data across devices for highly efficient mobility! You can plug it and charge your device using several simple ways: wall charger, any powered USB port, and a power bank. With strong multi-layered construction and tinned copper, the ADATA Sync & Charge Lightning Cable is highly durable and provides rapid charging up to 2.4A while preventing harmful EMI. If you also have an Android advice, you can choose the 2-in-1 version with a microUSB port. The Sync & Charge Lightning Cable is a stylish mobile accessory that's available in several vivid and metallic colors to meet your personal style, and comes with a color-matched cable tie for easy storage. 


- Multiple colors match your style! Fast charging up to 2.4A  High efficiency data transfer Apple MFi-certified
- Plug & play for easy use
- Cable tie included
- Extra durable with tinned copper
- Multi-layered build stops harmful EMI 
- 2-in-1 version includes Lightning and microUSB ports for improved convenience! 

Apple MFi-Certified

Designed for iPad/iPhone/iPod with Apple MFi-certified specifications. Available in 8 vivid and metallic colors to match your style!

Velcro Cable Tie Included

Includes color-matched cable ties, making storage easier and showcasing a great sense of style.

Sync Data & Fast Charging up to 2.4A!

Featuring 24AWG wiring and tinned copper, sustaining up to 2.4A current for efficient data sync and faster charging!

High Quality Materials for Great Durability

- Premium elastic materials
- Multi-layer construction with tinned copper


Lightning, USB 2-in-1: Lightning, microUSB, USB

Black / White / Blue / Pink / Golden / Silver / Titanium / Rose Gold


(plastic)18g (aluminum casing) 19.5g (2-in-1) 17.5g

1 year